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All I knew is that my world was going dark, I had lost 50% of my vision in 4 days. I called my doctor and he made me an emergency appointment with Dr. Nicholas Tosi (Retina Specialist). My family drove me 30 miles to see him. After explaining to me that I had a torn retina, Dr. Tosi and has team said, they would meet me at the hospital after he finished the rest of his appointments. They performed surgery on my eyes that night. I have my vision today because Dr. Tosi is a gifted surgeon. I have often thought how do you repay a person that saved you from going blind. If life has taught me anything, showing someone how much you appreciate them is a good starting point. So, with that said, “Dr. Tosi I thank you with all my heart— you saved me from blindness. God Bless you and your surgery team!!!

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