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Retinal Procedures

Essentially, there are 3 primary retinal procedures; surgery, laser and intravitreal injections. Our team of doctors will guide you through the latest therapeutic options with the goal of anatomic and visual improvement.

We perform our surgery at an outpatient surgery center within Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center which has dedicated retinal staff and up-to-date equipment. We routinely perform microincisional vitrectomy which is the platform on which nearly all retinal conditions are addressed surgically; the more common indications include retinal detachment, macular pucker/hole, vitreous hemorrhage, persistent floaters, retained lens after cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy, infection, and ocular trauma.

Depending on context, scleral buckling, cryotherapy, pneumatic retinopexy and laser retinopexy are also occasionally employed in the management of retinal detachments and retinal tears.

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